SHEIN S Merchant Edition Scam: Beware of Fake SHEIN Sites like

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Don’t sign up for the SHEIN S Merchant Edition! Scammers are getting so tricky now that they are creating entire fake SHEIN websites and programs like and to scam people out of their money. Some are easy to tell they are fake, but some do a pretty good job looking like the real thing. So how do you spot these sites? Read on for more about the SHEIN S Merchant scam, and few tips on spotting a fake SHEIN website (or any website for that matter)

The SHEIN S Merchant Edition Scam

SHEIN is a very popular Chinese-based clothing retailer known for its cheap but cute clothes. They are so big that they are the target of numerous scams, the most popular ones being the SHEIN influencer scam and the “you’ve won a gift card” scam. The newest one is one of the more complicated scams involving setting up your own SHEIN store.

It starts with an e-mail or message on Instagram inviting you to become a SHEIN merchant. How exciting! They tell you that you can create your own shop on their platform selling SHEIN clothes with their new SHEIN S Merchant Edition platform.

They will direct you to the website to sign up for an account and talk with you over WhatsApp to help you set up your account to deposit money to get your store started. Then you will get access to clothing options to add to your store. When someone orders, they will dropship the products for you.

Once you are all set up with a store on, the orders will start coming in like magic! For each order, they will require you to deposit the money needed, and then you are supposed to get that money plus a profit refunded in seven business day. You will only be able to see what people ordered, but their info like name and address will be blocked out with asterisks.

If you try to withdraw your money, you’ll find your account has been frozen! Want to get access to your money again? You’ll be asked to deposit around $500 to unlock it.

Unfortunately, it’s all a scam and you won’t be getting your money back.

How to Spot a SHEIN Scam

There are a few ways you can detect if something is a scam, the first of course being to Google it! Hopefully you did that, found this post and saved your money.

scam alert

Check the Domain Details

When I shop at SHEIN, the domain is There are two important things here to note- the domain and the https.

SHEIN is going to be using a top level domain, not something like .world or .vip. If it’s not, it’s not the real site. SHEIN is international, so usually the county will be first like or

And any website that deals in sensitive information like taking credit card payments needs that “s” on the end of the http. That means it is a secure website. Some of them will actually have the https on them, so don’t let that fool you! Having the https website does not mean it is not a scam, as you can see by this scam website having the secure “s” detail.

Check the E-mail Url for Domain Details

E-mails should be coming from the main domain. If the e-mail is soandso@gmail or yahoo, then it’s most likely a scam!

Check Thier WHOIS Information

You can find out who the site is registered to, how long ago it was created, and more info for free by checking their WHOIS information online at

Upon checking this, you’ll see the site was registered through Alibaba domains not that long ago in February. A site that hasn’t been up that long is very suspicious.

What to Do If You’ve Been Scammed

Unfortunately, you will not be getting your money back, but you can report it, so authorities are aware of the scam. It’s also a good idea to share your experience so others can learn from your mistake.

Please leave a comment if you’ve been contacted by these people or gotten scammed, so others can be warned and know what to look for!


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